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Art Gallery Made-in-Nature - The Online Bespoke Art Gallery.

Besides being a traditional art gallery, where you can buy one of a kind unique original artworks as well as art prints, we also offer a further one of a kind art experience called „BE UNIQUE“:

„BE UNIQUE“: Inorder for more people to be able to enjoy having their own unique original piece of art, we have come to offer the possibility to the customer, to choose from a selected range of original art pieces the piece of art of their liking, and are able to offer the customer the possibility to have the original painting of his choice be painted again by the artist himself.

This is no copy or reproduction of the original artwork, but instead a new 100 % original painting hand painted by the artist himself, his artist team or by independent artists that work with us.

Paintings are done the proper way: canvas, brush and paint, usually oil. ABSOLUTELY NO ARTIFICIAL OR MECHANICAL MEANS OF REPRODUCTION. That is why, although the image of the digital catalog is always obviously the same, each painting is unique. In production process the painting will always be small differences in shapes and colors that make it unique, exclusive and slightly different without losing any of the beauty and value.

painting the same original painting so that you will have the possibility to receive a new original painting with the same value.

These multiple - original paintings are available only in a limited amount each.

These original handcrafted pieces of art are all unique, as the may vary in little nuances from the basic original painting, which makes each art work even more special and authentic.

The customer has the option to have his new original painting repainted in the size of his choice.